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Shoe systems
2D CAD system for construction, grading and pattern cutting in shoemaking industry, developed for MS Windows (10/8.x/7/Vista) operating system

CADCobblerXQ is a result of many months of intensive effort of ClassiCAD's® developing department. It earns gains from multiyear work experiences of best shoe designers and newest methods and features of IT branch.

Graphic tools and functions intended for line creation and editing are newly resolved from the ground, retaining proven methods and tried-and-tested approaches. Newly drawn up shell database brings more information about models and shoe parts. Exact parts' typology increases data lucidity and simplifies construction.

Editace dílců

Piece editing
Standard grading is practically durationless and easy to manage even for an absolute beginner. Herewith there are also some very sophisticated grading methods accessible for special cases and advanced users (die size centering, grading in more reference frames etc.).

Nastavení sortimentu pro stupňováni

ClassiCAD's® traditional weapon - elaborated output functions, allow to connect wide range of output devices, starting from simple and economy printer till ambitious technologies like laser beam cutting. Patterns for cutting dies production can be the real system output (including possibility of e-mailing data directly to die-maker), as well as production shoe parts cut from several materials (leather, textile, plastics).

Výstup - řezání dílců

Outputs cutting
What's Interesting for IT specialist:
  • completely overwritten application kernel for newest Microsoft technology - Windows XQ
  • user-friendly interface, making training very easy, rich using of graphics, tool tips and other easy-to-operate elements
  • sophisticated philosophy of function handling, minimized user interactions
  • best features offered by Windows (10/8.x/7/Vista) operating system and traditional philosophy of technological viewpoint of ClassiCAD applications in synergic combination
  • individual approach: extensive configurability of technological behavior, user interface personal settings
  • high performance on standard "office" hardware, optimized memory management
  • easy cooperation with peripheral devices
  • XML standard utilized for system administration and communication


Sample video
CADCobblerXQ sample video part I includes the following parts:
1. Data input

CADCobblerXQ sample video part II includes the following parts:
2. Line

CADCobblerXQ sample video part III includes the following parts:
3. Creating pieces

CADCobblerXQ sample video part IV includes the following parts:
4. Editing pieces

CADCobblerXQ sample video part V includes the following parts:
5. Grading

CADCobblerXQ sample video part VI includes the following parts:
6. Outputs

For better display quality video playback is recommended to set the video resolution to type 720 HD and custom playback full screen mode.


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System for material consumption and shoe price calculation
The system is intended for the calculation of material consumption through elements positioning on the given material. The sophisticated user support and permanent innovation make it a versatile tool. Combined with the operator experience, this is an ideal means of operative calculation and way to significant material savings.

CalcCobblerXQ allows to digitize patterns or read shapes from CAD data. These parts could be virtually nested to provide material consumption norm. CalcCobblerXQ new version was projected and developed for the MS Windows (10/8.x/7/Vista) operation system, it utilizes long time experiences of the best shoe designers worldwide, in synergy with newest methods and features from IT branch.

CalcCobblerXQ associates all of usual calculation methods in one application: interactive and automatic nesting for several types of material, automatic pattern assessment (parallelogram) and quick estimate by SLM method. New user interface and functionality allows to increase significantly the effectiveness of the traditional calculation methods. The results can be exported into several data formats for further electronic processing or printed in various printouts, both in graphical and spreadsheet forem.

Polohování do usní
Positioning into leathers

Positioning into leathers:
- database of 30 standardized leather shapes, possibility to add new shapes
- sophisticated interactive piece control (smooth rotation, mirroring etc.)
- quick and reliable piece bumping

Polohování do pásů
Positioning into roll materials

Positioning into roll materials
- easy material definitions (set of parameters like dimensions, buffer, margin etc.)
- semiautomatic positioning into material width
- comfort work with groups of pieces
- easy calculation for defined area

Polohování do ploten
Positioning into sheet materials

Positioning into sheet materials
- automatic nesting with whole sheet area fill-up
- consumption norm calculated as a part of the sheet per pair

Kalkulační metoda SLM
SLM calculation method

SLM calculation method
- consumption norm estimate by automatic encircling of defined piece group
- leather parts consumption norm is available instantly

  • data input by classic digitization (taking discrete points of the line) or by tracing pattern outline with digitizing pen
  • possibility of data transfer from another CAD system
  • instant and highly accurate evaluation of element areas
  • sophisticated positioning algorithm providing absolutely accurate positioning of elements
  • user setting of material waste margins and buffers between parts
  • interactive and semi-automatic positioning
  • quick and easy-to-use SLM method
  • three basic geometric types of material:
    • common shape
    • roll
    • sheet
  • instant information on positioning effectiveness and waste percentage
  • wide scale of editing functions for processing elements and materials
  • graphic printer outputs (positioning of elements on the material), which can serve as technological guide for material handling and maximum use
  • printer outputs in the form of charts (areas, consumption norms, waste percentage)
  • matrix, ink-jet, and laser printer outpu
  • output date formats suitable for further processing by other ClassiCAD systems or database programs
What's interesting for IT specialist:
  • Easy to install
  • Entirely redesigned application kernel on MS Windows (10/8.x/7/Vista) platform, respecting newest Microsoft technologies
  • Efficient combination of user friendly features of operating system with ClassiCAD's typical technological approach
  • Individual maintenance: widely configurable technological properties, personal settings of user interface
  • High performance on standard "office" computers, optimized memory and other system resources treatment
  • Easygoing cooperation with peripherals
PASCobblerXQ calculation method is based on a sophisticated PAS (Pattern Assessment) algorithm which, when complemented with an efficient PC, makes an effective and prompt tool for the designer and calculating person. It particularly enables automatic determination of buffers (design area).

Kalkulace PAS
Parallelogram calculation

Parallelogram calculation
- automatic assessment of each model pattern into parallelogram provides inter-parts waist values
- perfect tool for designers to judge nesting efficiency of the parts
- basic calculation runs automatically by data reading (or shell creating)

Kalkulace PAS
Kalkulace PAS

  • data input by classic digitization (taking discrete points of the line) or by tracing pattern outline with digitizing pen
  • possibility of data transfer from another CAD system
  • instant and highly accurate evaluation of element areas
  • fastest PAS algorithm for automatic optimum assessment of each part
  • two ways of part positioning (without and with turning the neighboring element by 180°)
  • instant information on design area (net area of the element + buffers)
  • possibility to set up by hand the angle of elements at the process of positioning, total and manipulation waste percentages
  • material costs pre-calculations with the help of material database
  • preliminary price calculation through an individually set formula
  • graphical printer outputs (elements positioning)
  • printer outputs in the form of charts (areas, consumption norms, price calculation)
  • matrix, ink-jet, and laser printer output
  • output data formats suitable for further processing by other ClassiCAD systems or database programs
Česká verze Free download CalcCobblerXQ info in czech language
Wersja polska Free download CalcCobblerXQ info in polish language.
English version Free download CalcCobblerXQ info in english language.

Other systems for shoe industry
NestMakerXQ system is designed for making optimum markers (cut-out plans) in the shoe industry. Special NestMakerXQ versions are also used in clothing, leather goods and upholstery production.

Data come into the system by digitization or transformation from another CAD system. Part shapes are interactively positioned on the given material. Due to optimized bumping algorithms large material savings can be reached in the production.

Markers can be generated in the form of NC data for numerically controlled cutters (Gerber, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris, etc.), but it is also possible to draw them in 1:1 scale on thermo-adhesive paper which is used for hand-cutting of textile charges. Outputs can also to be drawn in a reduced size as an example for pattern manual positioning.



  • effective operation on standard PC technology
  • sophisticated user interface, easy to operate
  • data input via digitization or various CAD formats import
  • highly efficient instruments for positioning and marker creating
  • elaborated positioning algorithm ensures safety cutting with significant savings in material consumption
  • up to 6 different models can be combined in one marker
  • output forms provide complex information on the plans processed
  • widely configurable data preparation for cutters
  • on-screen cutting data control
CAD system for remote transfer of models
DieMakerXQ is a system enabling long-distance transfer of data for shoe production preparation via modem or the Internet. It is able to receive and process data from every usual CAD system, which makes it advantageous all over the world. In today's globalized economy, even smaller producers have to offer their production capacity in the world-wide scale, and DieMakerXQ system is an ideal tool for this. It enables receiving the data for production in electronic form from many partners with different production preparation systems. At the same time DieMakerXQ allows making minor modifications on received pattern data, which are often demanded by different technologies of the customer and producer. On the production demand, it is always possible to cut out or draw new set of patterns.

Large producers with workshops distributed to remote places, daughter companies or partner companies, on the other hand, can use DieMakerXQ system to keep close control over models. Partners do not have to be equipped with expensive and complex 'Pattern Engineering' systems. For their needs DieMakerXQ enables to receive centrally processed data and cut out patterns. Any modification given by the technology or customer's wish can be done in the headquarters and completed data then transferred via e-mail in no time. In this way, communication with partners is therefore always absolutely precise, repeatable and, most of all, fast. Thus, DieMakerXQ is a guarantee of high-quality production in remote places of business.

A specific group of DieMakerXQ system users are die producers, whose competitiveness can be increased by this system. It is particularly the ability to receive production data in electronic form, which significantly rises both the speed of the response to the order and communication with the customer. Changes and modifications of the data are a question of several minutes, no matter how far the customer and the die producer are from each other.

Výběr formátů pro transformaci
Výběr formátů pro transformaci

There is one more advantage DieMakerXQ provides for all users: large material savings at the pattern production. Exploitation of elaborated automatic pattern positioning module is effective at cutting patterns of both expensive polymer materials and common cardboard.

Dílce po transformaci
Dílce po transformaci

  • successful co-operation guarantee
  • hardware modesty - common IBM/PC compatible computer is suitable
  • instant data transfer via e-mail
  • reliable produced pattern data filing
  • easy to operate - no special training needed
  • national localization of the user interface
  • universal application for all commonly used CAD systems (ClassiCAD, Gerber, Investronica, Microdynamics, Lectra, Procam, USM…)
  • operative and economical part patterns production
  • specific editing functions
  • pattern cutting or drawing on common devices

Tisk popisných etiket
Tisk popisných etiket

Jednoduché stupňování
Jednoduché stupňování

Česká verze Free download DieMakerXQ info in czech language
Wersja polska Free download DieMakerXQ info in polish language
English version Free download DieMakerXQ info in english language


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