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Other products
Systems for sewing and stitching machines programming
  • high efficiency on standard PC technology
  • tools for easy and quick creation of embroidery motives
  • versatile use for various types of sewing and stitching machines
  • detailed documentation and staff training
  • national localization of the user interface

CAD-Stitcher is a universal graphic CAD system for programming of sewing and stitching machines. It has been successfully applied in shoemaking, leather-ware and clothing industries.

CAD-Stitcher enables to accurately program both functional sewing and embroideries (decorative sutures, various types of area filling), including various possibilities of editing.


Stitching lines and embroidery motives can be designed interactively on the screen or taken from the model by digitization. Also DXF files or earlier created designs in CAD-Cobbler system can be used.


Based on the design, CAD-Stitcher system functions create a stitching program for a particular machine on the screen. The program can be displayed on the screen and the stitching lines can be adapted interactively in order to achieve the final shape with minimum sewing trials.


The merit of the system is an easy use of individual functions and elaborated graphics enabling not only very comfortable creation of designs and stitching programs but also getting an exact idea of the final shape and appearance of the embroidery on the screen.

CAD-Stitcher system supports many types of well-known brands, and the number of adequate post-processors is permanently enlarged.

  • data input by graphic pattern digitization or scanning
  • data (lines) transfer possible from various ClassiCAD or DXF graphic formats
  • on-screen creation of stitching lines or embroidery motives
  • wide range of editing functions and exploiting of previously designed elements (motives, fonts)
  • stitch-form of the motif (various types of decorative sutures and area fillings) easy to create
  • on-screen checking of all phases of the motif creation (standard display functions, zooming, measuring distances and lengths, sewing simulation, color palettes, etc.)
  • possibility of printing motives on color printers
  • programs generated in machine codes of all noted brand-names:


Stitch-Editor can complement CAD-Stitcher system, or can be its economical alternative for the companies purchasing ready stitching programs from specialized programmers. Stitch-Editor enables editing/adapting programs generated in codes of various machine types.



  • universal tool for editing sewing and stitching programs in codes of stitching machines of noted brand-names
  • wide range of editing functions (changing of line or motif shape, deletion, scaling, copying, mirroring, change in the type and parameters of the suture, direction and order of stitching, technological instructions for he machine, etc.)
  • adding new motives and lines to embroidery
  • developing new simple programs from basic elements (stitching line, stitching array, text)

System for optimization of automobile bodywork markers
CarPlannerXQ is a graphic CAD system for optimization of markers of automobile bodywork parts. It consists of a variable set of program modules enabling digitization of parts from drawings, simple mathematical design of parts, transformation of parts from AutoCAD system, and optimum positioning of the parts on the assortment of available metal plates, including waste resulting from cutting sheets and rolls.

Automobilový průmysl
Automobilový průmysl

Automobilový průmysl
Automobilový průmysl

Individual functions of the system are designed in accordance with production processes, standards and conditions of metallurgical and automotive industries.

The key part of CarPlannerXQ system is a positioning module providing the operator a wide area for an optimum use of the material. Car-Planner thus becomes an effective tool of maximum exploitation of planar materials and a source of material consumption cuts.

Module design of CarPlannerXQ enables to use the system not only in the automotive industry; it can be adapted for similar conditions and technologies in many other areas in order to lower material consumption. In general, it can be introduced in any technology requiring optimum positioning of planar shapes on roll and plate materials.

  • high performance on standard PC equipment
  • tools for easy and prompt creation of input data
  • data import from DXF graphic format
  • wide database of metallurgical materials
  • optimum waste exploitation
  • HTML format output

Other systems
Other modification of CAD systems

ClassiCAD company has managed to apply its design systems for a number of consumer industry areas. Beside CADCobblerXQ , shoemaking construction and grading system, the company has developed specialized system clones for production of leather-ware (bags, suitcases, backpacks, handbags, etc.), gloves, hats and caps, underwear, or furniture upholstery.

Similar specialized versions also exist for optimization of parts positioning, both for price-calculation and parts production (markers), including direct control of cutting device.

ClassiCAD company will be happy to provide you more detailed specification of the systems.

Users' Support

ClassiCAD company is ready to supply the customers with consumer material used for its CAD systems.

In particular, it is the following media:

  • formatted cardboard for patterns production
  • common and thermo-adhesive paper for drawing plotters
  • formatted stick-on paper for the print of labels

The company also supplies some spare parts and accessories for operation and maintenance of plotters and cutters.

For detailed information on prices, contact please ClassiCAD Zlín company.


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