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Further technical and business information
Software prices
The price of the system depends on the concrete set of modules, installation conditions and staff training. For detailed information on prices, contact please ClassiCAD Zlín company.

Service and consumption material prices
For detailed information on prices, contact please ClassiCAD Zlín company.

Terms of delivery
From the receipt of the order the goods is usually supplied to the customer in less than 6 weeks. The delivery depends on the terms of the sub-supplier of special hardware elements, mainly the cutter. The standard delivery includes software and its installation, documentation and staff training. On request, for Czech customers the company can also supply technology, or help with its choice.

Hardware requirements
The ClassiCAD systems have been developed for PC technology which is currently wide-spread, relatively cheap and of good quality. Combined with ClassiCAD software, the hardware employed has a very positive OUTPUT/PRICE relation.

The software is continuously updated in accordance with innovation trends in computer technology. ClassiCAD systems can thus be run on common computer configurations.

  • common personal computer, IBM compatible
  • efficient processor (Pentium)
  • high-quality color monitor SVGA, screen diagonal minimum 17"
  • peripherals according to the concrete application (tablet, printer, plotter, scanner, etc.)

As a rule, the systems are installed by experts from ClassiCAD company or its dealers because the configuration and implementation requires highly specialized knowledge, skills and experience. All the software installed is protected against non-authorized use and copying.

Staff training
The basic training (1 to 5 days, depending on the system type) usually takes place at ClassiCAD company premises in Zlín. After some time from the installation, additional training is provided in the customer's workplace. The training includes full technological introduction of the system and its adaptation to the customer's special requirements. For every workplace with the installation, one or two operators are supposed to be trained.

Terms of guarantee
The company provides 12-month guarantee for any software provided. The individual hardware components warranty depends on the sub-supplier conditions. In the guarantee period ClassiCAD company will correct, free of charge, any faults in the software delivered. Also the system version update is provided free in the guarantee period.

Post-guarantee service
Post-guarantee service can be realized in the form of annual service visits at which required changes in configuration of the system and software revision are carried out, and the customer can consult any user problems with the specialist. This post-guarantee service can be arranged by a special contract.

User support
The base for the user support is elaborated detailed manuals in printed form mostly in English, or alternatively in the national language. The manual is a part of the deliver. Registered users can get the supplements to manuals in electronic form in the frame of this website. They can take the advantage of free post-guarantee consultations via telephone, fax or e-mail. Consultations provided for users at conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs are also free of charge.

Further, the company organizes seminars where the users can share their experience with ClassiCAD systems. The customer can also order a paid service or consultation visit of ClassiCAD company expert, or, when the operators of the system change, the company is ready to provide repeated staff training for the user.

Users are regularly informed about new versions of the systems both via www pages and individually. The price for upgrade can cover additional staff training too.

Products information
Information about products and innovations for those who are interested is available in the form of brochures and leaflets, and can be mailed on demand. Visitors of these www pages can get some information in electronic form (PDF format) if they fill in the contact form available in Feedback section.

Products information can also be found in journals and other specialized publications.


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