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Customers' Support
How to update/upgrade dongle
1. Start the dongle actualization utility, the THINFO.EXE.

If THINFO is not installed in your computer please download it from Utilities, Drivers and Other Useful Programs for ClassiCAD Systems and install.

Note: Language of THInfo is selected automatically (selection is based on detected operating system language version). If specific language is required please launch the THINFO with parameter. There are three possibilities: -e for English, -c for Czech (česká), -p for Polish (polska).

For example: 'THinfo -e'

2. Click on the 'Update' button.

3. Enter the update codes. They are sent to you by e-mail, fax or letter. (During regular annual updates can be also obtained at special webpage ClassiCAD - annual prolongation of protection keys '20xx'. To obtain the codes for website you need to know the ID number of dongle which is being updated. The procedure of getting the ID number is described in special paragraph.

There are three possibilities how to enter update codes:

3a. From file - by clicking the 'File' button you can get update codes from the files which were attached to the mail from software vendor. After clicking a standard file selecting dialog box is appeared and you can select proper file (which you have stored on disk from the mail attachment before). After selecting the file use the 'Open' action and codes from the file will be copied to the codes table.

Note: This dialog box is part of the operating system API, so depending on the version may change form and content.

3b. From clipboard - if your update codes are included in text of the mail from vendor you can copy them and paste into table using the 'Clipboard' button.

3c. By manual typing - if you get your codes in letter, fax or by phone call you can input them to the table directly from you computer keyboard.

3d. Internet update - automatic internet update will be available soon.

4. Start update procedure - select the 'Update!' button.

Following message box should appear on the screen:

5. Check updated dongle. After this update is finished updated information (limit dates, version etc.) will be displayed.

6. Close the THINFO utility - click on the 'Close' (Zavřít, Zamknąć) button.

Getting ID number from the dongle
1. Start the dongle actualization utility, the THINFO.

2. Read the ID number from displayed dialog

3. Close the THINFO utility - click on the 'Close' button.


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