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CAD System for Automated Garment Pattern Construction and Grading
PDSTailorXQ is unique among CAD systems for garment industry. The complete pattern design is based on construction network database and is created from very simple input consisting of base body measures and several parameters. All other measurements of the pattern are calculated automatically according included mathematical model. All corrections could be made only by changing the parameters. Standard incremental grading is replaced by automatic recalculation of each size with values from assortment table. The original construction system was developed in cooperation with the Technical University Liberec. Great emphasis on didactic qualities results from this cooperation, which predestinates PDSTailorXQ for utilizing in specialized education for garment industry.

PDSTailorXQ - Construction
PDSTailorXQ - Construction

PDSTailorXQ was developed for modern operating systems Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista. PDSTailorXQ utilizes newest methods and features from IT branch in synergy with technological knowledge of both developing team and many software users.

PDSTailorXQ - Modification pieces
PDSTailorXQ - Modification pieces

PDSTailorXQ has been was proofed by long time experiences in garment industry of many countries. More than 10 years after introducing first PDS-Tailor version to the market, it still remains unique among noted CAD systems worldwide, by its concept of construction network database.

PDSTailorXQ - Grading
PDSTailorXQ - Grading

Among main original features of the PDSTailorXQ we can list database of construction networks of typical garment products and automated grading by repeated construction according to specific body measurement. Thanks to this concept, the PDSTailorXQ becomes a very effective tool for clothing production designer and technologist.

Main features:
  • database of construction networks for all typical garment products:

  •           - casual and formal dresses
              - sport clothing
              - working and profession clothing
  • networks for special types of clothing could be prepared on demand (motorbike overalls, neoprene diving suits)
  • suitable for construction and grading in all assortments and categories: ladies, gentlemen, children
  • default data could be easily modified by requested body measures and individual parameters
  • automatic calculation of all other body measures to complete model pattern
  • automatic re-calculation of all dependent parts when editing any detail of the model
  • easy modeling, interactive pattern editing
  • automatic generation of curved lines
  • automatic grading to requested assortment
  • possibilities of individual grading modification
  • output formats allowing various devices (drawing or cutting plotter, NC cutter)
  • data export to the NestMakerXQ a module for efficient and exact nesting, marker creation from several models

The drawing plotter is a most common output device with PDSTailorXQ. Sophisticated software solution allows to utilize not only specialized garment plotters (width 160-240 cm) but also much cheaper standard office A0 plotters (90 cm width).

Plotr šíře 900mm Plotr šíře 1800mm

What is of IT specialist interest:
  • entirely redesigned application kernel on MS Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista platform
  • efficient combination of user friendly features of operating system with ClassiCAD's typical technological approach
  • individual maintenance: widely configurable technological properties, personal settings of user interface
  • high performance on standard "office" computers, optimized memory and other system resources treatment
  • easygoing cooperation with peripherals
  • standard installation driven by install processor
  • easy operation, short training and running-in period
  • national localization of the interface and database
  • integrated context help and tooltips

Sample Videos
PDSTailorXQ sample video part I includes these following parts:
1. The choice of product, 2. Setting the parameters of the product, 3. Modeling

PDSTailorXQ sample video part II includes these following parts:
4. Creation of pieces, 5. Modification pieces

PDSTailorXQ sample video part III includes these following parts:
6. Grading, 7. Outputs

For better quality video playback, we recommend you set the video resolution of type 720 HD and full-screen mode.


PDSTailorXQ can be complemented with NestMakerXQ positioning module, which enables optimum positioning of parts on the material used. This module is delivered with the system and is among the most elaborated and effective programs of this kind. The output of this module can be markers drawn on a plotter, or even a code for cutting device control (GERBER type).



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