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ClassiCAD company
ClassiCAD Zlín company has more than ten years of experience in the development of both technical and school applications of CAD systems for the product construction and material savings. Over the period of its existence, ClassiCAD has achieved a dominant position as a supplier of the CAD technologies for the shoe industry in the Czech and Slovak Republic. In the tough competition of the world-wide known companies it has also succeeded on the world market and its systems are applied both through license contracts and direct sales by dealers. The company is located in the city of Zlín, which is the cultural and industrial center of south-east Moravia.

Products and services:
Since the very beginning, ClassiCAD company has been engaged in its original province: development and application of CAD systems in the consumer industry. CAD systems field is functionally complemented by information programs on the basis of relational database. ClassiCAD, which was originally concentrated on the shoe industry, has spread its activity field to leather goods, clothing and machine industries.

ClassiCAD programs take full advantage of IBM PC computers and C++ programming language. On this platform an original user interface is created, which provides maximum graphic and ergonomic comfort, as well as simple and effective control of complex CAD functions.

All ClassiCAD systems are continuously innovated by the company's own development and the feedback based on users' requirements. An individual user's requirements are taken into account in the design of special function variants. National localization of the user interface, detailed training, user documentation and wide technological support covering introductory know-how, further CAD systems data processing, hot-line service, etc., are parts of every application. ClassiCAD company also supplies the users with computer technology, peripherals and consumables.

CAD/CAM ClassiCAD systems include five basic fields of technology. However, each system can include more than one field tasks, or it can be modified for the use in a completely different field of production.

Fields of technology covered by ClassiCAD systems:
Construction and grading of parts
CAD systems of this group are a basic tool of designer's work in the footwear, leather-ware and garment productions. Modifications of these systems can be used in all branches dealing with parts made of planar materials (furniture, car bodywork, etc.) Beside the basic fields, the systems can be used in production of gloves, underwear, car upholstery, hats and caps, etc. On demand, the construction and grading modules can be used separately.

  • specialized tools for construction of both geometrical and common shapes
  • instant grading of parts into size assortment according to individually set rules
  • compact and efficient designer's workstation with powerful output devices
  • direct supervision of the complete procedure of product design






Positioning for planning and calculation
Positioning CAD-systems provide exact determination of optimal topology of parts in various types of flat materials (common-shaped materials, sheets, rolls). Application possibilities are not limited to the standard areas covered by ClassiCAD company. They could be used in all branches where components of a product are made by cutting of flat materials (iron plates, veneers, textile fabrics, cardboard, etc.).
  • reliable positioning algorithm
  • algorithm for optimal pattern assessment
  • fast determination of material utilization, waste percentage and consumption norms
  • accurate source for ordering, cost calculation and processing of materials
  • efficient way to cuts in material consumption

CalcCobblerXQ - PAS
CalcCobblerXQ - PAS

CalcCobblerXQ - PAS
CalcCobblerXQ - PAS

CalcCobblerXQ - Usně
CalcCobblerXQ - Usně

CalcCobblerXQ - Role
CalcCobblerXQ - Role

CalcCobblerXQ - Tabule
CalcCobblerXQ - Tabule

CalcCobblerXQ - SLM
CalcCobblerXQ - SLM

Positioning for materials cutting
Positioning CAM systems provide markers for classic sawing by band and circular saw or direct control of CNC machines (cutting, sawing, milling). Like in the previous areas, the systems could be used in all fields which work with flat materials and complex-shape parts. Applications of this type of systems can be especially found in the production of shoes, clothes and car upholstery.
  • applications for both sample making and serial production
  • parameters of materials and parts adjustable in a wide range
  • compatible with technological devices of renowned brand names (Bullmer, Gerber, Kuris, Wild, Zünd, etc.)
  • significant material savings guaranteed


Stitching and embroidery
CAM-systems of this group enable development and editing of programs for stitching and embroidery automatic machines. They could be used in the leather-ware and garment industries.
  • large assortment of technological elements (various types of decorative sutures, many procedures for shaped areas and fonts filling)
  • fast motif creation, easy editing
  • wide range of postprocessors to generate machine code
  • universal use for development and editing of programs for stitching and sewing machines of renowned brand names



Database programs
Database programs complement the company's CAD-systems and provide further processing of data produced by these systems.
  • efficient creation of technological documentation of the goods
  • material cost and goods price calculations
  • documents can be completed by pictures and schemes
  • commonly supported DBF data format facilitates further data flow to other economic and management agenda

The company's history
The prehistory of the company dates back to the early 80's, when the existing management of Czechoslovak shoemaking industry decided to introduce CAD technologies in the production preparation. At that time the later founders of ClassiCAD were involved in application of APEX, an American system, in state enterprise Svit Gottwaldov (now Zlín). It was quite a demanding task to adapt the system to domestic conditions and make it a common, everyday tool for shoemakers. On the other hand, it gave valuable experience to the people participating in this hi-tech system introduction. The group of enthusiasts from APEX project later made the best of their experience in the development of an original CAD system, SvitCAD, which was introduced in 1988. It was the very first Czech CAD system for the shoemaking industry, and what was more, it was run on standard PCs with DOS operating system, which was unique even in the world-wide scale.

In spring 1990 a group of six co-authors of SvitCAD system left the Department of Applied Cybernetics in Svit company and set up their own firm - ClassiCAD. Beside the basic deposit of CZK 100,000, the only capital of the established company was the creative potential of the founders and enthusiasm to win recognition in the new economic conditions as an independent and highly efficient subject. Formally, ClassiCAD, Ltd. started its activities on May 1, 1990.

As soon as in the next year the company introduced a brand new system for shoe design and grading - CAD-Cobbler, which became a standard for computer aided design and modeling of shoes, and at that time was the most used CAD system in the Czechoslovak shoemaking industry. The wide use of this and similar ClassiCAD's systems was caused by the fact that the hardware was economically available, and even more important was the replacing of the expensive and delicate laser cutter by a cheap and modest knife plotter. The design and grading system was gradually completed by additional technological systems which irreversibly changed the character and efficiency of shoemaking production preparation.

Contact us
Address: ClassiCAD, spol. s r.o.
  Burešov 4886
  760 01 Zlín
Telefon: +420 577 220 956 or +420 571 118 502
Voip: +420 571 118 502
Company's director: Ing. Petr Hampl, tel. 577 220 956
Technical director: Ing. Antonín Sára, CSc., tel. 577 220 956
Company identification number (ICO): 00543527
Tax identification number (DIC): CZ 00543527
For map see: ClassiCAD on WWW.MAPY.CZ
GPS data: N 49°14'7.87"
  E 17°41'14.88

ClassiCAD company can be found about 2 kilometers far from the city center on the main road for Frystak and Holesov (road number 490). The premises are in a orange two-story building which can be seen from the road on the right-hand side when leaving the city (opposite "old" Kaufland supermarket).

Sídlo společnosti ClassiCAD
Sídlo společnosti ClassiCAD

Sídlo společnosti ClassiCAD
Sídlo společnosti ClassiCAD

ClassiCAD on World Market
Originally, the ClassiCAD's technological software was developed for the Czech and Slovak industry. Thanks to its quality and continual innovations, however, it found many users abroad. At present, the number of installations has reached 350 in 28 countries, so you can come across ClassiCAD systems all over the world.

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  • ClassiCAD, spol. s r.o.
  • Burešov 4886
  • 760 01 Zlín
  • Czech Republic
  • Tel.: +420 577 220 956 or +420 571 118 502
  • Email:
  • Youtube: ClassiCAD on Youtube

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